Rachel Getting Married


Director – Jonathan Demme

Writer – Jenny Lumet

Starring – Anne Hathaway, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mather Zickel, Bill Irwin


When Kym (Anne Hathaway) returns to the Buchman family home for the wedding of her sister Rachel (Rosemarie Dewitt), she brings a long history of personal crisis and family conflict along with her. The wedding party’s abundant cast of friends and relations have gathered for an idyllic weekend of feasting, music and love, but Kym with her black-comic one-liners and knack for bombshell drama is a catalyst for long-simmering tensions in the family dynamic.



Rachel Getting Married is a quaint little story of family squabbles – predominantly that of the two syblings Rachel and Kym and is set around a fairytale wedding. Jonathan Demme (the director) calls it “The most beautiful home movie ever made”, which immediately makes him the biggest cock in the world.

The reason he coins it as a home movie is most likely to do with the fact that DV cameras are used (to create the style no doubt) and it is based around a home; with the feeling that a family member could be holding the camera the whole time. Yep, sounds like a home movie to me. The first hurdle Demme faced was that noone in their right mind is going to pay to watch a home movie.


Kym’s character has enough to her for the film to not be simply looking at some families tape of the daughters wedding day. Unfortunately she is the most hateable character of all time. She is selfish, unfunny and an all round bitch (consistantly trying to steal the spotlight from the bride-to-be) and to top it off she is forgiven numourous times before reverting back to bitch mode again. Hathaway has her moments in the film and gives a good ‘larger-than-life’ performance; its just a pity we fucking hate her character. The rest of the characters are designed to relate to your family and friends in some way, so that relating to the story can be that much easier. The cast generally does a good job in acting normal.

The plot goes something like this:

Kym comes home – Squabble – Wedding stuff – Squabble – Wedding stuff – Big Squabble – Rehersal – Squabble – Wedding (where all is forgiven and forgotten). It’s pretty fickle and, at first glance, unless you’re a wedding obsessed woman or Best man without a clue; there’s little to be gained from watching this. That being said, it is only once the film is over that you can fully appreciate it. In making the characters so relatable, the film give you an outlet to reflect upon your own family and friends. This is where it really achieves, but will obviously have differing effects for each viewer.


Overall – The most beautiful home movie ever made… but who the fuck wants to pay to watch a home movie?


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