Let The Right One In


Director – Tomas Alfredson

Writer – John Ajvide Lindqvist

Starring – Kare Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson


Terrorized by bullies, lonely 12-year-old Oskar befriends a new neighbor, a mysterious young girl whose arrival coincides with a series of gruesome deaths and attacks. Though Oskar realizes that she’s a vampire, his friendship with her is stronger than his fear.



Let The Right One In showcases some brilliant acting, great emotion, comedy, gore and tension and is a fresh look at the vampire subgenre. It basically has everything you could want from a movie of this genre, yet somehow I left the cinema with a distinct feeling of emptiness.

The script is solid and full of subtleties that did not go unnoticed and shows that the writer put a lot of thought in to the ethics and psychology of the vampire and others affected by it. Another thing worth noting is that the story is a constant mover but director does not often let it stray from its track.


Aside from all the scriptual goodness and suprisingly powerful acting from the children as well as the adults, the film is let down by its editing and inconsistency. It could have done with being 20 minutes shorter, and that isn’t to say that there was a 20 minute segment at the end of the film that should have been lopped off, but that throughout the film scenes ran on too long.

The set pieces are hit and miss, the ones missing often being the ones that rely heavily on the use of CGi. With what I imagine was a small budget I think they could have done with cutting the CGi cats out altogether.

To sum up – The tentative editing destroys the pace of what could have been a lovable movie. Not lovable, but still definitely worth a watch.

Verdict – Check it out


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