Director – Duncan Jones

Writers – Duncan Jones, Nathan Parker

Starring – Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey


Astronaut Sam Bell (Rockwell) is nearing the end of his three year contract on the Moon, where he works alongside his computer GERTY (Spacey), harvesting a resource that has helped diminish our planet’s power problems. After an accident in his harvester, things start to spiral out of Sam’s control; however he is determined to get home to his wife and children and will do whatever it takes.



Duncan Jones’ independent feature film is exactly what sci-fi fans have been looking for for some time. Using a minuscule budget of $5 million Jones managed to recreate the aesthetics of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s craft (albeit on a smaller scale) in his moon bunker and put together an intriguing think piece; a true science fiction film that questions the use of new technology and its consequences.

Sam Rockwell delivers a knockout performance as Sam Bell, a man in desperation who slowly unravels the truth behind the base he is stationed on. It is easy to see why Rockwell chose this role (for what would seem a rather cut paycheck) as it demands a spectrum of emotions, all of which which he proceeds to nail. From Rockwell’s performance came Spacey, who had expressed the desire to work with him. He spent a day recording his HAL-esque computer voice and it did the film a justice.

Duncan Jones manages to avoid the pitfalls many directors have in their directorial debut. The film keeps a solid pace and the plot holes are almost non existent. There is a section of the film where I questioned the reaction from Sam Bell, which I think was maybe cut due to time constraints, but the way that Jones handles his deterioration and the claustrophobic nature of being stranded on this base is nothing short of brilliant. He manages to take it to another level by raising some ethical questions to do with science (and thankfully one of them isn’t “are robots going to kill us all?”) without being heavy-handed about it. Basically, its a fucking shit-hot debut.


To sum up – Awesome visuals; outstanding performances; excellent story; politics and a dose of comedy make this one of the top films of the year and top sci-fi films of the decade.

Rating – 8/10


2 Responses to “Moon”

  1. The Deadender Says:

    “Duncan Jones manages to avoid the pitfalls many directors have in their directorial debut.” examples?

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