2009: A Year In Review


2009 was a great year for film with plenty of innovation, new blood and advances in technology. Here is a closer look at what 2009 consisted of.

Blockbusters. Hollywood continued churning them out despite the worries surrounding the economy, and they proved successful. Though the CGI-reliant 2012 flopped (with several 10’s of millions of dollars still left to recuperate to break-even), other Blockbusters proved that the industry was recession-proof. Michael Bay and McG went head-to-head with Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Terminator Salvation (respectively), vying for the number one grossing film of 2009, but were ultimately beat out by a bunch of kids, with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. J. J. Abrams showed us that the Star Trek franchise still has plenty of life in it with his reboot, going by the name of… Star Trek.

Fresh faces emerged with overwhelming critical success with hits such as District 9; directed by rookie Neill Blomkamp, starring rookie Sharlto Copley. Along with Duncan Jones’ Moon and Marc Webb’s (500) Days of Summer, District 9 showed Hollywood that big budgets and household names aren’t nearly as important as talent, artistic vision and solid storytelling. Christoph Waltz burst on to the scene playing Colonel Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds, as did Michael Stuhlbarg playing Larry Gopnik in A Serious Man.

Change of pace was on the cards for various established directors, with QT directing Inglorious Basterds, which had a different setting, period and language than his previous films as well as a uniquely structured screenplay. Danny Boyle took Bollywood by storm with Slumdog Millionaire a story about a boy from the slums of India rising to fame and fortune; once again told in a unique way. The Coen brothers returned to focussing on their main characters inner turmoil with A Serious Man and Spike Jonze returned to his childhood with Where the Wild Things Are.

Vampires dominated the screen, with many different takes on the sub-genre being showcased. New Moon, Thirst, Lesbian Vampire Killers, The Vampire’s Assistant and, my personal favourite, Let the Right One In are but a few of the dozens of vampire movies released in 2009.

3D Revolution. The dawn of 3D cinema was upon us and it was up to films like Up and Avatar to prove to us that 3D was here to stay. They succeeded, at least in my eyes, using the technology to create a subtle layering and managing to cure the headaches (as long as you sit in the right part of the cinema) that caused such problem in 3D’s early days.

Anvil! It didn’t fit in to any of the aforementioned categories but Anvil! The Story of Anvil brought joy to many people. Whilst on the surface this looks like a chance to laugh at stupid wanna-be rock-stars (which it certainly is), the tested bond between lead singer Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner, which is pushed to its limits throughout, makes for truly memorable cinema.

Top 10 films – Just quickly since these lists end up pretty much being the same for everyone. 10. Moon 9. Star Trek 8. Inglorious Basterds 7. Drag Me To Hell 6. Where the Wild Things Are 5. The Hurt Locker 4. Up 3. District 9 2. Slumdog Millionaire 1. (500) Days of Summer.

Top 5 scenes5. Opening battle scene – Star Trek 4. Eli steps in to Oskar’s house uninvited – Let The Right One In 3. SSgt. William James attempts to break off a bomb padlocked to a civilian – The Hurt Locker 2. Expectations vs Reality – (500) Days of Summer 1. Colonel Hans Landa bargains with a French farmer – Inglorious Basterds


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  1. uosis Says:

    you sure are totalitarian with the allowance of feedback :>

    • guydavis88 Says:

      I’m pretty sure I’ve approved every comment that’s been put on here. Have I wronged you? Thanks for visiting Ruta.

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